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Who I Serve

I serve the financial planning needs of individuals, families & first responders in the State of Texas.

Account Minimums

It is my belief that you deserve equal access to quality financial advice regardless of your current net worth. While other firms may impose high barriers to entry, such as $500,000 or more in investment assets, I do not impose such a minimum here at PLW. My minimum account size is $0, and my barrier to entry is simply that you have a desire and willingness to improve your financial well-being over time.

Advice for Individuals & Families

I provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families across all stages of life, regardless of age, present level of wealth, or career field. We all have unique challenges that we face and goals we wish to achieve. It is my objective to bring clarity and peace of mind to your household finances, and lay out a clear path to goal achievement which is both understandable and attainable.

Advice for First Responders

Having been in the fire service since 2007, I specialize in meeting the financial planning needs of current and former firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, and others in public service. I have a deep understanding of the various challenges you face and use my first-hand knowledge of the industry, combined with an expertise in financial planning, to help you achieve your financial goals.

I Can Help You...

  • Plan your ideal retirement timeline
  • Prepare for retiree healthcare expenses
  • Maximize your employee benefits options
  • Select your optimal pension strategy
  • Rollover pension PLSD or DROP funds to an IRA
  • Establish a supplemental retirement savings plan
  • Construct an ideal investment portfolio
  • Maximize supplemental income from part-time work
  • Develop tax-efficient investment and retirement income strategies
  • Create a personal risk management plan