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The Steps Ahead

At PLW, financial planning is treated as a lifelong pursuit of financial excellence. We will develop a dynamic plan that will meet your immediate needs and objectives while adjusting for changes in your professional and social life down the road.

So what are the steps?

1. Get to Know Each Other

An initial discovery meeting where we focus on what you are trying to accomplish in our relationship together. We will discuss your most pressing financial concerns and planning objectives.  Our goal will be to determine your needs and address any questions you may have before moving forward.

2. Explore the Details

After our introductory meeting, we will begin to organize your financial data and take a deeper dive into your situation. During this session we begin to draft a preliminary plan as we engage in a more comprehensive discussion about your personal and financial goals.

3. Plot the Path

Once all of the details have been analyzed, we will lay the foundation for your path forward. We will develop an easy to follow roadmap that will lead you toward the achievement of your financial goals. However, it doesn't end here. This is just the beginning of our journey together.

4. See it Through 

Once your initial financial plan has been presented, we will work together to see the plan through. I provide any necessary support to ensure your plan is carried out as intended. Additionally, I am available throughout the year to provide advice when any financial concerns arise, or when you simply have a quick question.

5. Stay Flexible

Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time. This is why financial planning at PLW is an ongoing process. As your life circumstances evolve, we will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your plan transitions along with you.

Ready to get started?